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Color Control


Color Control is a unique PVP game where you capture territory blocks and defends it.

Creator: Sybillian
Client Version: 1.12

The way to play this game is to capture a block by breaking it. Once a block is break it becomes yours.

The block then spawn resources for your team – iron, diamonds, and blocks, etc. Which you then use it create equipment and structures, bases and stuff to defend your area.

However, every few minutes the cube will rotate. In a way this is like a puzzle PVP map.

You need to use creative strategies to control the battlefield. Team with most points wins the game.



  1. Hi, I’m the creator of this map. You don’t have nor did you ask for my permission to rehost my content here – I’d appreciate it if you removed this page. Thanks.

  2. If you actually click on the link it actually went straight back to your minecraft forum thread.

    We do not host your content.


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