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Counting Sheep


Does counting sheep to sleep really works? Now is the time for you to test this myth out!

You can play this game alone or you could play it with friends via multiplayer. You will be given two minutes to scourge and run around the map.

Creator: CeruChick
Client Version: 1.8.8

Chest that scattered around contains wool. Whomever collect the most wool will get the highest points. The trick is collecting wools that are highest in points as different color wool has different point tags to them.

White – 1 Point
Light Gray – 2 Points
Gray – 3 Points
Black – 4 Points
Brown – 5 Points
Pink – 6 Points
Magenta – 7 Points
Purple – 8 Points
Blue – 10 Points
Light Blue – 12 Points
Cyan – 14 Points
Green – 16 Points
Lime – 18 Points
Yellow – 18 Points
Orange – 20 Points
Red – 20 Points

Map comes with its own resource pack.

CountingSheep Zip file


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