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Lava Island Survival


Lava Island Survival Map by FreakDJ1337. This map requires you to survive the massive lava coming out of the earth.

Genre Survival
Developer FreakDJ1337

Rules of Playing

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  • Do not go outside of the bedrock walls
  • Don’t spawn in any items.
  • Don’t kill yourself for health/food regeneration.


Challenges Available

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  • Agriculture Challenges
  • Create a Tree Farm
  • Create a Pumpkin Farm
  • Create a Wheat Farm
  • Create a Cactus Farm
  • Create a Melon Farm
  • Create a Sugarcane/Reed Farm
  • Create a Mushroom Farm (Red and Brown)
  • Create a Giant Red Mushroom and Giant Brown Mushroom.
  • Create a mushroom Stew
  • Craft 10 Jack-O-Lanters
  • Building Challenges
  • Build a Bridge and connect all the Islands together
  • Craft a Bed
  • Build a house
  • Make a small water lake on the surface of an island
  • Create a grassy area where friendly mobs will spawn (Cows, Pigs, Chicken, Sheep)
  • Build a Monster Trap
  • Fighting Challenges
  • Reach level 10
  • Enchant a tool with a level 10 enchantment.
  • Craft a Diamond Sword and Enchant it.
  • Take Over the Tower of Creeps
  • Take over the Tower of Webs
  • Collecting Challenges
  • Collect 5 Emeralds
  • Collect 10 Diamonds
  • Collect 50 iron and smelt them all
  • Collect 128 Coal
  • Obtain 10 wool blocks and dye them all different colors.



Minecraft Lava Island Survival Map Download


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