Megayacht Sunrise

Megayacht Sunrise is like its name, it’s a big yacht with full interior made for minecraft .

if you have a big yacht of your own, what would yo do with it ?

Creator: AlejandrooCraxD29 , Áléjándró Ářťž Pálómínó
Client Version: 1.12

As for me I don’t know what I’ll do with it as I have never dreamed of having one.

But if you watch the movie Logan, starring wolverine. He wanted to buy a big yacht and lives there with professor and run away from the havoc of world.

Sounds interesting isn’t it?

A bit of the yacht specification:

Beam : 40ft /20m
Gross Tonnage : 890Tonnes
Cruising Speed : 30 Knots
Top Speed : 70 Knots


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