Minecraft Epic Jump Map V2.0 : The Return

Minecraft Epic Jump Map v 2.0 : The return is a parkour adventure map with beautiful map design and has puzzles for you and your friends to play.

This version is different than other various version of EJM series such as Epic Jump map Butter Edition . In EJM V2.0 you are an adventurer (possibly multiple adventurers), which woke up drunk in Mario’s warp zone pipe. You particularly happens to LOVE jumping and finding secrets. You’re on the way to the secret tree zone and you have some tro(ll)ubles on your way!

Genre Adventure, Parkour, Puzzle
Developer bodil40


– Don’t break/place blocks
– Play on normal or hard Posted Image
– You are ALLOWED to break only red/white/green wool and most of the times you’ll find secret chests behind it.
– Your Score is GHAST TEARS
– Play on Normal or Above




Epic Jump Map 2.0 Final


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