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Missile Wars Edited


This is an edited version of the original Missile Wars minecraft map.

Missile Wars is a minigame map where you fight with each other using TNT as missiles. Think of it as Worms Battlegrounds in minecraft world.

You may launch a missile by right-click on ground where missile egg is and you may use any ways and mean to stop incoming missiles.

Creator : Cubehamster & Sethbling
Version : 1.15.2 , 1.14.2


Front glass is now enhanced with yellow and black lines to mark safe spot for re-spawning missiles.

4 TNT in a barrier.

Barrier is now removable.

5 TNT in the white glass

Missile Wars has now been updated to version 1.15.2 and might also work on 1.14.2. Upgraded done by dacowkilla.


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