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ElytraPvP By chrixio

ElytraPvP By chrixio is a pvp minigame map that allow unlimited online multiplayer and suitable to use on private servers gameplay. [Minecraft] 1.9 Minigames V1.2 

Baker’s Revenge PVP

Baker's Revenge is a PVP map which involves throwing cake at each other in order to humiliate the enemy team. Nah just kidding. Baker's Revenge is a redstone map and game-play is a little ...

The Tower PvP

The Tower is a pvp map where you will need to collect 10 points against the enemy team. To score 10 points you and your team members must score a goal by jumping into ...

Automated Kit PVP Map

Just like its name Automated Kit is a PvP map that comes with 8 different map and 14 different kits for you to play with. Since it's a pvp map it means it's a ...

Sphere Vanilla PvP

It's been a while since we had a PVP map and now we have Sphere PVP which is a 100% Vanilla PVP mini-game with a must win goal. In order too win you need to ...