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Monster Industries PVP

Remember Monster Inc the movie where 2 monster made one cute girl laugh and powered the whole monster world ? Monster Industries here is made based on that movie and made a pretty damn well ...

Zombie Virus Lab Escape

Zombie Virus Lab Escape is a fun map about stopping a zombie attack . Made for Minecraft. Zombie Virus Lab Escape Related Post Isolated Garden The Dark Desert Dead World Outbreak Indiana Jones Minecraft Adventure Map ...

Mystical Lands

Mystical Lands is a RPG adventure map with lots of puzzle Related Post Opalia Region The Dangerous West The Iron Rose 1.7.4 Mahaway’s Legend A Day In Minevill The Cursed Cave The Wither Island Doctor ...


Blockaria is a creative map made for minecraft. It is based on the famous Terraria video game. [Blockaria][1.8][BlackEdition] byBrutec Related Post Farwest Area Terraria Dungeon Don’t Go Insane ! The Simpsons House Monster Industries PVP Faction ...

Amazing Skywars

Amazing Skywars is a revamp map in High Quality HD for minecraft 1.8 Related Post Luigi’s Mansion Adventure Indiana Jones Minecraft Adventure Map Arkanoid TNT Escape KEEP TALKING AND NOBODY EXPLODES Project: Central High School ...