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The Pure Horror

As I was searching for more horror maps I found " The Pure Horror " where people claim it's scarier than The Orphanage Horror . In a way, this map is similar to Silent ...

Bunker 28

Bunker 28 is a minecraft horror map that was made without any mods or server commands. It is a normal map with enough jump scare needed for horror fans. It was raining that day ...

The Smoke Horror

Here I present you with a super-duper scary map : The Smoke ....!! is a minecraft horror map that comes with its own unique storyline and resource pack.

The Librarian

Minecraft The Librarian is supposed to be a Horror map based on improving the reputation of Herobrine as a scary villain/monster/nemesis that has been forgotten lately. Is it true..? Has everyone forgotten how he ...

— Mansion Horror

--- Horror is a minecraft 1.8 map that has a great storyline and a well made atmosphere for jump-scare lovers out there. It has been a while now that whenever you went to sleep ...