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Test Anomophier 2


Test Anomophier 2 is the second challenge from Test Anomophier series. It is a super hard parkour puzzle map.

Usually people would make it into an adventure + puzzle + parkour but this map is about how you could do explicitly hard to do jumps and finish the puzzles.

Creator: CrazyIsaacGaming
Client Version : 1.8


  • Parkour
  • 6 Block Effects
  • Story
  • Ending Cliffhanger
  • Lots of work to make!
  • Brain busting puzzles!
  • 1.8 Features!
  • Hidden Easter egg!
  • Colored item names!
  • Colored world name!
  • Fancy command block tricks!

It may just be a parkour map but it is important for you to know the storyline from the first series so make sure you play the first episode before jumping on this one.



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